Thursday, January 28, 2010


Little update! Last weekend I wound up going to Akhibara again with another group of friends. We went to a Maid Cafe, which was a very strange experience. We went to the @Home cafe. I was very impressed with the costumes, they were so well maid! (Don't kill me for that one...)
People must have thought I was creeping on them, but I was just memorizing the pattern for the outfit. It was really good! Anyway. 700¥ to get in, and you had to buy a drink and food. My iced tea was like 300¥, and I got a REALLY good omlette for 1,100¥. You had to ring a little bell at your table to call over your personal maid, and order. When they brought food out, you had to make a heart with your hands, and dance it to the left and right of you drink/food and go "moi moi, moi moi, kyuuuu!" which means nothing, but its referring to the "love" that they put into it. My maid drew a kitty on/in my omlette for me!

It was really delicious and worth it. Served over some rice cooked in something...
Then we went to lots and lots of anime and cosplay and wig stores! Whyle walking I found this bizarre motorcycle:

Quinn and I went shopping on Tuesday, and OH JOY THEY EXIST!!! The Pumas I knew existed! They weren't in my size, but I took a picture to proove it.

Schattenboxer... They don't make them any more :,(
We also found the BEST engrish ever:

Mirror with light = Miller with Light.
And, on the train this afternoon I saw someone with the one and only NERV cell phone!

I want it! That's all for now, more or less after the weekend. I suddenly have alot of homework, but the iPhone case comes out this weekend so I need to go on a hunt for it.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I SAW EVANGELION REBUILD 2.0 YOU CANNOT ADVANCE. Aaaand....... gaaah! Straw! Gendo! Lunch! Dinner! Love!? PERSONALITY!? WTF happened to the old plot??? Don't get me wrong, this one was fantastic but ALL THE THEORY we worked so hard on, out the window! And - I am even MORE excited to be cosplaying Mari! She really IS just like me! Talking to things, herself, sniffing people, service service service. I couldn't be happier! Gonna watch it again :*

My love with the sun,


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That omelette looks tasty. I was going to see Rebuild 2.0 next month at the Glasgow flim festival but now that is not going to happen as we can't afford it but awh well. I can't wait to see it though.