Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Disappearing Mall

I found the disappearing mall! It's not really a disappearing mall, but it is one that Quinn and I couldn't find for a few weeks. Basically we found it one day, LOVED everything in it, but forgot where it was when we went to go back... fail... But today it has been re-discovered!
It is the Lumine Est above the East Exit of the Shinjuku JR line station. On the 6th floor there are stores like Hanjiro and Zoff, which sell the most fantastic new and used (but re constructed) clothes that are KAWAIIIIII!
Everything there is frothy white and cream lace and fluff, leather, denims, stars, and LO! glass vials and jars and crystal chandeliers with animal skulls!!! Pocket watches on long necklace chains, cracked leather purses with roses and gnomes embossed on them. Real graphic tees and soccer shirts that some little kid somewhere in Japan wore after school, shoes that you couldn't find anywhere else, lots and lots of hats, and real animal fur wraps.
The other floors have equally neat stuff like the skirt I got today at ValenTines's High. There is a stationary shop that has refurbished 35mm cameras and old 16mm video cameras. It has all the ink pens Quinn could ever want, and scented pen ink! I want the green colour that is apple flavored or the pink one that smells like roses.
It seems like my early morning self somehow knew I would find this place today and contrived for me to forget all of my money at home, so I didn't get to buy anything other than a crepe and my skirt. I plan on going back soon with every intention of buying everything I lay my hands on!!!
This weekend I am going on a trip to the Sapporo Snow Festival with school, and I am going to take lots of pictures and post them. It actuially snowed in Tokyo a few days ago! The big, fluffy, sticky kind of snow, that we used to make slushy snowballs and toss at eachother.

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