Monday, February 15, 2010

Tokyu Hands, marry me!!!

On a whim today I went to Tokyu Hands in Ikebukuro today. Mostly because it was raining and I wanted rain boots, and because I wanted to get supplies for my sculpture project and some things to make a test pair of Asuka's interface clips. Easy peasy, right? I went into the home improvement / DIY section and the only thing that made me want to leave was how hungry I was. I found so much cool stuff all in one place that I would NEVER find at home!!!!! Now I know why Japanese Cosplay is so good... they have Tokyu Hands.

Wish List:
Mini Vacuform

Enormous bottles of Latex

Plasti Dip? I don't even know what I would use this for but I want it. It comes in other colours, too.

Really cheep low temp plastic beads

WTF VINYL SHEETS!? I have been looking for this crap for so long and you mean to tell me its RIGHT HERE in the exact colour I want!? And only 800 yen a meter?

We all know what I'm doing this weekend!!! And I do know what I would use the plasti dip for. I am going to use it to make the palms of the gloves:

I hope you can mix red and yellow easily, I didn't see an orange. The selection of high quality super clear resins and casting kits is enormous. I know of lots of sculpture majors who would give their left testicle/breast for this stuff at this price! Along with lots and lots of plastics, foam, metals, small cold and hot working tools, acrylics, PVC, plaster, and much much more.

Nevermind, I can make Orange.

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