Thursday, January 28, 2010


Little update! Last weekend I wound up going to Akhibara again with another group of friends. We went to a Maid Cafe, which was a very strange experience. We went to the @Home cafe. I was very impressed with the costumes, they were so well maid! (Don't kill me for that one...)
People must have thought I was creeping on them, but I was just memorizing the pattern for the outfit. It was really good! Anyway. 700¥ to get in, and you had to buy a drink and food. My iced tea was like 300¥, and I got a REALLY good omlette for 1,100¥. You had to ring a little bell at your table to call over your personal maid, and order. When they brought food out, you had to make a heart with your hands, and dance it to the left and right of you drink/food and go "moi moi, moi moi, kyuuuu!" which means nothing, but its referring to the "love" that they put into it. My maid drew a kitty on/in my omlette for me!

It was really delicious and worth it. Served over some rice cooked in something...
Then we went to lots and lots of anime and cosplay and wig stores! Whyle walking I found this bizarre motorcycle:

Quinn and I went shopping on Tuesday, and OH JOY THEY EXIST!!! The Pumas I knew existed! They weren't in my size, but I took a picture to proove it.

Schattenboxer... They don't make them any more :,(
We also found the BEST engrish ever:

Mirror with light = Miller with Light.
And, on the train this afternoon I saw someone with the one and only NERV cell phone!

I want it! That's all for now, more or less after the weekend. I suddenly have alot of homework, but the iPhone case comes out this weekend so I need to go on a hunt for it.

Oh, and I almost forgot. I SAW EVANGELION REBUILD 2.0 YOU CANNOT ADVANCE. Aaaand....... gaaah! Straw! Gendo! Lunch! Dinner! Love!? PERSONALITY!? WTF happened to the old plot??? Don't get me wrong, this one was fantastic but ALL THE THEORY we worked so hard on, out the window! And - I am even MORE excited to be cosplaying Mari! She really IS just like me! Talking to things, herself, sniffing people, service service service. I couldn't be happier! Gonna watch it again :*

My love with the sun,

Friday, January 22, 2010

No Man's Land

The following were taken at No Man's Land, a FANTASTIC show at the former French Embassy in Tokyo. I was really happy with the show, and will comment/add captions later.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quinn is in Heaven (Cat Cafe, Ikebukuro)

Setting out for the day I got up the guts to ask whats in the dumplings they sell at the Convene, and I got a really tasty pizza one!

Quinn and I found the Cat Cafe that is at the top of the Ikebukuro Tokyu Hands store. For 600 Yen you can go inside and hang out with the cats for as long as you like. Quinn has been missing his kitties (and I mine) so he had a great time with this!

I am pretty positive that some of the cats were Lynx... You cant tell from these pictures, but the next two cats were ENORMOUS. Like, the size of a medium dog.

At the end of the day we went to a place called Sunshine Land (I think). The malls here in Japan are labyrinths!!! They are enormously tall and wide and you get REALLY LOST. And some of them even pump strange things into the air that makes you light headed and gives you a headache later...
I found some stores that sell Kimono and I would really like to buy one but they are extremely expensive. There was a cafe called Milky Way. I ordered a ミルキシヤワ、 and a Cancer Constellation ice-cream. I am in a coma right now from it.

We found an enormous Animate and some cosplay shops. I thought the cosplay would be better because I am in Japan but its not! The only thing that really impressed me was the shoes and - of course - the school outfits. But as far as everything else, its all really coarse simple cotton, overly simplified designs, and poor/thoughtless design... More like what we can get during Halloween at a store than real cosplay. Maybe I will get a school swimsuit here, and appease my self that way...

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I was chastised for not taking pictures of people in their kimonos, so (mom), here are a picture and a video of kimono that were at the Takadanobaba Station this morning when I was setting out for the day!

Quinn and I were in Akhibara today, and found the coolest and weirdest stuff...
We found Evangelion cookies that come in Entry Plug shaped tins:

Gendo cookies!:

I thought the elevators looked like Gerbil tubes...

I also found in one shop the coolest Rei figure I have ever seen:

And I bought something small for my self - little interface earbuds. We stopped in a tasty burger shop for a little that had a smoking section.

On the JR Line <3

Friday, January 15, 2010

I am going to shave my tongue!

So I have finally SOLVED the mystery of the strange memory that has been haunting me for a number of years now. When I was in highschool, I was the Secretary of JACC, the Japanese Animation and Cultural Club. We watched many many many things during that time. But I had this odd memory of watching SOMETHING where some guy licks a sharp object and declares "I'm going to shave my tongue". I started to think I had made this up, untill about a month ago, I mentioned it to one of my friends and he said that he remembered it too. But we couldnt remember what it was from... Untill today I was talking to Lisa, and she remembered it for us! O
It was this:

Outtakes from Weiss Kreuz! wowwwwww...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ok, so I think Softbank might suck? I know for def. that Temple sucks. They REALLY dropped the ball on getting us situated here in Japan. NONE of the information that they gave us was correct, and they have been NO help so far in fixing/figuring out things/ getting them done... I will elaborate later if this is still bugging me...
When I went to the English speaking SoftBank in Shibuya to get my new cellphone, they told me that I had to have made an appointment with them. Huh??? So they told us to go down the street to another one. When we got there, the guy helping us knew "chyoto" English, and set us up with phones. Thing is - I have NO idea what kind of plan I have, HOW to use this thing, and I got the slightly more expensive one that has internet and TV but when I asked him how to turn those things on he told me that I couldn't? I don't know if he was confused, or if the plan I got doesn't support it, in which case why did I get the more expensive phone? I am going to ask someone about this...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shopping in Shibuya!

So after looking around lastnight for places in Tokyo that specialize in Eva merch, I decided to go to Tokyu Hands and Animate in Shibuya today. The first Animate we found turned out to not be the right Animate, but I did get a Newtype there. The second one however WAS the right one and THEY HAD SO MUCH STUFF I WANT IT ALL!!!
So, I got the liscenced Mari interface headband,


For Quinn I got the NERV headphones, because they were so pimp.

And to quell my burning desire to have the iPhone case, I got the screen protector in the meantime.

We asked around "Eego o hanashimasuka? EEGO O HANASHIMASUKA!? ええごおはなしますか?そですか。。。えと、どこにエヴァンゲリオンですか?” Mild fail but we did get somewhere. We were asking if they would have the cases in on Jan 31, and if we could pre-order them. From what I understand, it was yes, and no. In that order.
In other news, they had the limited edition coffee with everyone on it, some REALLY COOL expensive rings with the interface on them, For Your Eyes Only note books, the complete vinyl car sticker set, figures, NERV mechanical pencils, wall scrolls, and the list goes on! *so happy*

I need to stop reminiscing before I go running back there to buy everything else...