Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shopping in Shibuya!

So after looking around lastnight for places in Tokyo that specialize in Eva merch, I decided to go to Tokyu Hands and Animate in Shibuya today. The first Animate we found turned out to not be the right Animate, but I did get a Newtype there. The second one however WAS the right one and THEY HAD SO MUCH STUFF I WANT IT ALL!!!
So, I got the liscenced Mari interface headband,


For Quinn I got the NERV headphones, because they were so pimp.

And to quell my burning desire to have the iPhone case, I got the screen protector in the meantime.

We asked around "Eego o hanashimasuka? EEGO O HANASHIMASUKA!? ええごおはなしますか?そですか。。。えと、どこにエヴァンゲリオンですか?” Mild fail but we did get somewhere. We were asking if they would have the cases in on Jan 31, and if we could pre-order them. From what I understand, it was yes, and no. In that order.
In other news, they had the limited edition coffee with everyone on it, some REALLY COOL expensive rings with the interface on them, For Your Eyes Only note books, the complete vinyl car sticker set, figures, NERV mechanical pencils, wall scrolls, and the list goes on! *so happy*

I need to stop reminiscing before I go running back there to buy everything else...

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