Thursday, January 7, 2010

The iPhone Question

Sitting on the bus (ブス) on the way to Tokyo, still trying to pop my left ear, Quinn and I are window stalking the other cars and Quinn is practically on top of me trying to get a better look at his precious Japanese production only Hondas.
I am equally facinated with the cars, but not so much as to miss seeing an ENORMOUS ferris wheel, some funny signs, a place that looks like Boat House Row with all of it's lights over a waterfront, and for that matter lots of water. There's canals like in Venice!? And a super old VW bug that is right hand drive, has a giant head unit, and is so perfectly clean it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. And to answer one of my questions - yes, the wrap around window of the Nissan Cube IS on the other side here.
Now to answer a question many people have but is impossible to track down : Does the iPhone work in Japan?
Yes, sortof. AT&T has obscene roaming charges for the iPhone in particular in Japan, so here is what I am doing:
I have put my phone onto Ariplain Mode, and will not be taking it off, to avoid the huge data and roaming charges. I turned on my wifi, which is free to use and requires no charge so long as you are on an open, free network. For example, I can't find a free one right now so I am just typing and saving these for later to upload once I find one. For a phone, I am just going to buy a cheep go phone here to make in-Japan calls and use Skype to call home which is free. Also, I have made arrangements to have my plan back at home to be put on hold untill I get back so I don't have to pay $30/mo for a service I'm not using.
It's a little unfortunate to have this iBrick (an iPhone without the phone) but so long as I have wifi all of my apps work!

My love with the sun,

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