Sunday, January 17, 2010

Quinn is in Heaven (Cat Cafe, Ikebukuro)

Setting out for the day I got up the guts to ask whats in the dumplings they sell at the Convene, and I got a really tasty pizza one!

Quinn and I found the Cat Cafe that is at the top of the Ikebukuro Tokyu Hands store. For 600 Yen you can go inside and hang out with the cats for as long as you like. Quinn has been missing his kitties (and I mine) so he had a great time with this!

I am pretty positive that some of the cats were Lynx... You cant tell from these pictures, but the next two cats were ENORMOUS. Like, the size of a medium dog.

At the end of the day we went to a place called Sunshine Land (I think). The malls here in Japan are labyrinths!!! They are enormously tall and wide and you get REALLY LOST. And some of them even pump strange things into the air that makes you light headed and gives you a headache later...
I found some stores that sell Kimono and I would really like to buy one but they are extremely expensive. There was a cafe called Milky Way. I ordered a ミルキシヤワ、 and a Cancer Constellation ice-cream. I am in a coma right now from it.

We found an enormous Animate and some cosplay shops. I thought the cosplay would be better because I am in Japan but its not! The only thing that really impressed me was the shoes and - of course - the school outfits. But as far as everything else, its all really coarse simple cotton, overly simplified designs, and poor/thoughtless design... More like what we can get during Halloween at a store than real cosplay. Maybe I will get a school swimsuit here, and appease my self that way...

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