Thursday, February 4, 2010

Test Type

Because this is a cosplay blog, I feel that it is only right that I make a post today about some of the advances I have made on a cosplay idea that I have been entertaining... (I know, I have too many for being in Tokyo without a sewing machine or anything but as soon as I get home I have been doing so much planning that I can just jump right into it!!!)

After searching the far reaches of the internet in some of the strangest, most deviant corners, I finally found clear vinyl fabric sold by the yard. And its in the colour I need, too!

*warning: potentially graphic* The site is not "bad", they just cater to a very specific crowd, and its called Blackstyle. They sell pvc, vinyl, and rubber fabrics in lots of colours. I usually use Spandex World for all of my stretchy needs, but finding clear orange/yellow material that wasn't just a plastic-bag-thin rain poncho was REALLY hard!

The outfit I am working on is one that is featured in Evangelion 2.0, which has not premiered in the US yet, so I have included spoiler alerts for the rest of the post.

Click me to read spoilers

In Rebuild 2.0, Asuka gets a new Test Type Plugsuit. I have no concept of modesty, so you can see why I would love to make it!

When I am planning out a new outfit, I draw it first to imagine how the pattern will look/be altered. I use this stage to figure out some of those impossible moments that work really well in imagination land of animating cells and manga pages, but not at all in real life! Its a great help. Also, a human body never ever looks like the drawn body, so I alter some of the proportions to either bring to costume down to earth, or create the illusion that my body looks like the impossible animated one.

lol, ok so they dont translate well in photographs... But you get the idea! Its all in my head! Anyway, Ill leave all this be for now because there is simply nothing I can do here to get started... Maybe I can get my wig tho! I need to find another series to cosplay...

**Foreshadowing: code name Pretty Soldier might make her first appearance in 6 years!

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Cairdiuil said...

You are putting a lot of planning into it which is good. I am debating to do Rei's plugsuit first or Asuka's new one as some say the other is easier and visa versa. I think I will start gathering material for both. I think using the red low cut jeans is a bad idea as they will be hard to sew and they wouldn't be long enough to cover the feet.

I couldn't just leave a series and move on cosplaying from another series. I find I leave it for abit, then come back. ;-p