Saturday, February 13, 2010

Akihabara 3.0

Akihabara tour with the one and only John Hathaway! He was really fantastic, and took our group of Temple students around Akihabara and showed us all of the nifty hidden things that no one else could possibly have shown us. Like a secret fox shrine somewhere down an alley way that was 1 1/2 feet wide. We stopped at a maid cafe (but I liked the @Home cafe better). After the tour we broke off into groups to go cosplay hunting and geeking out. Among other things we stopped on all 7 (14 - each floor had two sides staggered) floors of the Akihabara Animate plus the basement. I found the prescription Mari Makinami glasses for sale!!! I really want them!!!

At Assist Wig, I bought my Asuka Shikinami wig. The ladies were fabulous there! They let you try on the wigs, and you get a free cap with your purchase. On top of that, because my friend and I got our wigs together we got one for 50% off. I bought a pop-up wig stand too.

Something that I would really like to get / might need is a traveling trunk. All the kids who are into J-Rock here have these really neat old traveling trunks which I love. I am planning on getting one to bring home all the things I bought here in. That way my suitcases will weigh the same...

I had another unfortunate loosing-of-store moment when I was looking for CosPatio to buy a school bathing suit. I couldn't remember where it was!!! But I WILL RETURN now that I found the website. It figures - I passed it hundreds of times.

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