Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thig' Meat

This evenings festivities included alot of farting (on Charlie's part) alot of brain farting (on my part) and alot of face palming (on Art's part).
I gave Charlie the kanji that Goku sports in the particular section of Z that I am working from so he could draw out the stencil. Using contact paper and some Tulip Spray Stencil Paint, we got two REALLY good patches!

Then the fun starts.
I am using Somewhat Stretchy's bodysuit drafting instructions because I've never made a guy's bodysuit before. There is some math involved, and I am GOD AWFUL at math. So with some help from Charlie and Excel, I was kinda able to make the pattern from Art's body measurements @ 90%.

It's going to be funny if we have a repeat of when I accidentally got 2-way stretch PVC instead of 4-way...
But so far so good.
The problems were in me speaking dyslexic standard numerics and Charlie speaking mirrored and 1/4ed Metric numbers at 90%... big mess! I have a very nice pattern with no crotch, none the less.

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