Friday, March 18, 2011


It's the details that really MAKE a cosplay...

...and it's the details that drive me NUTS.

I am now all done Launch's shirt - buttons, straps, rings, and all. Her shoes I got at Urban Outfitters (oddly enough they had the cheapest ones? Who knew?), and her laces match the colours used in Goku's and Vegeta's outfits. I have a perfect wig, bow, bumpit, eyelashes, socks, eyebrow technique, and her shorts with the pockets on the back and a red belt to match. 
But what am I forge--- The gloves. The fingerless gloves. *head-desk*
Zenkaikon is NOW! I am only going on Saturday, but the little things I forgot are keeping me inside on this beauuuuutiful friday! 
The other things I am just getting done are Vegeta's shoes and gloves. Merrrrrrrrhhhhhh!!!

And IRL is catching up to me today. I sold my motorcycle to a friend so I can get a bigger one. He's coming over today to learn how to ride it. If anyone knows where I can get a Café Racer in the Philly area for about $2,000 that would be GREAT! >A<;
Not to mention I need to get my friends all caught up on Evangelion 1.11 so they can see 2.0 which is screening at Zenkai!!! 
Plan: Sew till my fingers fall off, ride my motorcycle till my ass falls off, and then drink tonight till my feet fall off. Then I will REALLY look like Launch tomorrow without trying. 

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