Saturday, March 26, 2011

S'car, Matey! (The Scar Tutorial)

Ok! Here is my little pic-torial on how to make your own scars for cosplay, theatre, to scare your friends on Facebook accidentally, etc...

Get a Ben Nye makeup kit! Make sure you get your face colour (I'm a 'Type 1' aka: ghostly pale.)

For the most part you need Spirit Gum, Translucent Face Powder, and Liquid Latex. You don't REALLY need the entire kit, but you do need these.

Take a tissue and pull it apart into two parts.

NOT ripping it in half...

Shove one half up your nose. You don't need it.

Paint some spirit gum in the seam of the tissue,

and add some powder.

Fold it over and poke it some.

Repeat and add more Spirit Gum and more powder.

Let it dry a little...

Tap out a little powder on your surface.

Put some on your finger so it won't get sticky, and tap the edge down so it sticks.

Now flip the tissue over so the folded edge is like ^ where it used to be like v. 

Tricky. Fold the ^ edge to the side so if you looked at it from the table it makes a --------z_____. Glue it down with spirit glue inside the seam, and a layer of latex on top.

Now you can cut out your scar.

Apply spirit gum to the latex'd side,

and stick it on your face!

Latex the edges so they are flush with your face. This takes practice! And DON'T fidget with any little chunks. If you pull one single little edge, the WHOLE thing comes off. 

Use the kit makeup or your own to make the skin around the scar match your own, and discolour the body of the scar to match your characters. Some scars are white in the center, others are tan, and others are red. 

If you did it right, you can puff...

and smile, and it will move with your face! It won't come off or peel or kink. PERFECT for heavy con-going.

Ahhhh! Fake blood can make it look like a new cut. 

A tip on cuts: Put the scar on with the open side of the seam facing down, and gently pulling that seam open. You can paint the blood up inside it, so its really coming OUT of the "cut," and there is a definite skin-flap. Yumm!

The other fun thing is taking it off. It leaves a big flappy hole that you can paint in with red and make it look like an open wound. My favorite!

Spirit Gum Remover. Necessary to get that gunk OFF.

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