Saturday, March 5, 2011

Muffin Button

Casual update on the Son Goku cosplay. Stayed up all night working on it and as of 3am have this:

It took me about 10 hours start to finish.
I didn't use a pattern but instead had an old t-shirt that fit Charlie (Goku) in exactly the way I needed it to, and cut it up to work from. The lower half was drafted from a pair of Art's (Vegeta) martial arts pants. This worked out really well because I was able to put in a very active-movement-friendly gusset in the crotch for my very accident prone Goku. He is a professional actor and fight choreographer who has a habit of ripping the crotch seam of his costumes on stage.
The shirt was drafted from the same old T but made to fit his body in a tighter way, and has a cowl neck like the pictures always show.
One last thing: those bunchy NKEES. I made the front of the jumpsuit wider and longer than the back starting at the mid-thigh, and put in pleats facing down on the outside seam, and up on the inside seam, tapering down to the foot. That way the pants bunch and fold like they do in the anime!
Pictures of him wearing it later, along with the patches and boots.

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