Saturday, March 19, 2011

Off to Zenkaikon

On our way to Zenkaikon!!! Goku is on his way separately with his cosplay kit, because he was at an Iron Palm seminar. Vegeta won't be there in cosplay (jerk!) so it's just gonna be Art The Camera Holder / Creeper.
I'm all dressed and only had two calamities so far!
I woke up EARLY to get lots of stuff done (transfer my bike title and look for Sally Hanson spray on stockings). All the places I went to look for it didn't open till 11. The one day I get up early and nowhere is open!
Two: Thought I lost a false eyelash. It's stupid, but I have a favorite pair that I got in Japan and after putting one on, I couldn't find the other! Turned out I had leaned over and it stuck to my shirt...

So... いけましょ!

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