Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zooming towards Zenkaikon at DBZ speed

I had only intended to make these cosplays for Charlie and Art for Otakon, but because a few friends expressed interest in Zenkaikon, I decided to fast-track them and get them done in time for that! Then, I can work out any kinks really early rather than have a mid-August disaster. So today I ordered the orange and blue fabrics for Charlie (Goku)'s costume, and Art (Vegeta)'s navy spandex. My wig will come from my next paycheck and I will be going as Bad Launch. It will be my first time styling a heat-resistant wig on my own, so I will update my misadventures on that when it gets here.
Charlie and Art are PERFECT for Goku and Vegeta! Art is 5'3" and Charlie is 5'11" (just a little taller than Goku's 5'7") which are the perfect heights for this:

Also, they are both extremely talented martial artists so maybe a display of male prowess is in store?
I personally picked Launch over Bulma because she is done so little. I really like her and her badas
s self!

The wig I am planning on using is this one, plus alot of Farah Fawcett flipped out curls and wig hairspray.

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