Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good Gawd, Gundam!?

I am officially nuts...
Otakon is only two days old and I am already thinking of my next outfit that I want to make. I just found out that NY Anime Fest and NY Comicon have merged and will be held together on October 8th and I want to have something new done by then. And it just so happens to be...
A Gundam Musume version of G Gundam's "Shining Gundam".

I already know what I am making it out of and have a few ideas on how I am going to make it the best Gundam Girl EVER.
I am using a modified respirator with LEDs in the vents for the face, this crazy makeup tutorial for the eyes, the fingertips of the gloves will have LEDs in them for the Shining Finger attack. And I am trying to convince my friend to go as Domon in a black stretch vinyl bodysuit... Haha, thats probably going to be the hardest part!

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