Thursday, July 15, 2010

A real friend is one who will stick her arm down the leg of your skintight spandex pants for half an hour

I finally tackled the issue of the yellow lines on the bottoms head-on. I had originally bought yellow bias tape, but after testing it over and over I wasn't happy with it. I have been looking for a while for coloured elastic. I finally found it at Bra Components. The site is amazing!!! I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who is looking for lots and lots of some odd lace, trim, or elastic in quite literally any colour you need. Check out their options. Anyway.
The other thing that had been holding me up was the issue of pinning it all to my legs, while wearing it. I can reach just fine, but the fabric stretches, bunches, and I look pretty tragic at the end of the night with my underwear pinned to it, and it pinned to my skin. Bleeding on cosplay = bad.
My initial idea was to make a quick packing tape and plastic wrap copy of my legs to work on, but what saved me from THAT embarrassment was my friend Sarah. She has been with me through pretty much everything, and has no problem with sticking her arm down the leg of my skintight spandex pants for half an hour pinning elastic along, only to have me look in the mirror and decide I need it over 1/4 of an inch. She understands me so well TwT
We were talking about how めんどくさい it is to work on a costume like this, and we got to wondering about superheros and HOW they manage to do it. They must have a bunch of costumes, because they are always getting shot, cut, bitten, burnt, etc. Peter Parker makes his own outfit, so how the heck does he manage!? Then we wondered if there was some crazy seamstress out there who was contacted on Craigslist or something and now she's stuck making an outfit a week for a superhero. Or the idea of a superhero at 2am at the laundromat with just his mask and briefs on, watching his outfit go round and round and round... lol. We decided to make it into a short series.
Once I got all the elastic pinned on, sewing it was easy. But I discovered that the hooks on the backs of the press buttons hurt like a bitch. Had to use aviation pliers to cut them off. I also completed my backpack with TEST written on it. I used bed cinches to make the straps to hold it on!


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